Sheriff's Office:
Concealed Pistol Permits, Controlled Burns

Clerk of Courts:
Fines, court records

Hyde County Sheriff's Office                                             Hyde County State's Attorney  
Sheriff: Mike Volek                                                             Merlin Voorhees        
Non-Emergency: (605) 852-2513                                         Emily Sovell (Deputy)
412 Commercial Ave SE                                                      (605) 852-2761
Highmore, SD 57345                                                            PO Box 125                                                  Highmore, SD 57345
Deputy Sheriff: Jordan Brummel
Non-Emergency: (605) 223-0170

Hyde County Emergency Management                           Clerk of Courts (M-F 8:30AM-12:30)
Ronnie Mitchell                                                                    Marilyn Hanson
(605) 478-0117                                                                             (605) 852-2512                                                 PO Box 306 

                                                                                                           Highmore, SD 57345

The Hyde County Board of Commissioners have lifted the burn ban with the following stipulations:

1. Call in prior to the Sheriff's Office or the Fire Department to report your "open burning"

2. Should the fire become out of control and the fire department is called to extinguish fire it will be at the landowner's expense

Be safe.

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