If you have questions, please contact us via the listed information or stop by during business hours (listed on department page.)  

The Hyde County fax number for all offices is (605) 852-3178.
Hyde County Auditor                                                             Hyde County Register of Deeds
Marilyn Ring                                                                             Connie Konrad
412 Commercial Ave SE                                                          412 Commercial Ave SE
Highmore, SD 57345                                                                Highmore, SD 57345
(605) 852-2519                                                                          (605) 852-2517
hydeaud@venturecomm.net                                                     connie.konrad@state.sd.us

Hyde County Treasurer                                                         Hyde County Director of Equalization
Debra Houdek                                                                           Zoning Administrator
412 Commercial Ave SE                                                          Carrie Stephenson
Highmore, SD 57345                                                                412 Commercial Ave SE
(605) 852-2510                                                                          Highmore, SD 57345  
hydetreas@venturecomm.net                                                    (605) 852-2070

Hyde/Hand/Potter                                                                  Hyde County Library (12:00-5:00 PM)
County Youth Program Advisor                                          Tina Hamlin 
Emily Trzpuc                                                                            PO Box 479
Secretary: Pam Hamlin                                                             Highmore, SD 57345                             
412 Commercial Ave SE                                                          (605) 852-2514
Highmore, SD 57345                                                                hydelib2@venturecomm.net
(605) 852-2515                                                                          

Hyde County Weed and Pest                                                 Hyde County Highway Department
Dave Tatum                                                                              County Superintendent(8AM-4:30PM)
PO Box 201                                                                              Mike Cowan
Highmore, SD 57345                                                                PO Box 260
(605) 852-2230                                                                         Highmore, SD 57345
(605) 850-3879                                                                         (605) 852-2518
hydeweed@venturecomm.net                                                  hydehwy@venturecomm.net

The Hyde County Board of Commissioners have lifted the burn ban with the following stipulations:

1. Call in prior to the Sheriff's Office or the Fire Department to report your "open burning"

2. Should the fire become out of control and the fire department is called to extinguish fire it will be at the landowner's expense

Be safe.

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