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Hyde County Historical information compiled by using the Hyde Heritage and Staying Power books. 

Hyde County Quick Facts:
*Hyde County created in 1872 and organized April 12, 1883 by the Dakota Territorial Legislature.
*The county was named after James Hyde, a member of the Territorial Legislature.
*The current courthouse was constructed in 1911 at a cost of $51,941.00.
*The Hyde County Jail was discontinued in 1974 and jail services were contracted with surrounding counties.
*During a drought in 1976, a jobs program paid for local citizens to beautify the courthouse interior.
*Visitors can find original furniture, converted oil light fixtures, original vaults and blueprints, marble countertops and original woodwork inside the building.  
*The "Courthouse Gang" has put on an annual Christmas tree display since 1994 where businesses, individuals, and organizations decorate trees to be shown throughout the Christmas season and during an open house.
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The Hyde County Board of Commissioners have lifted the burn ban with the following stipulations:

1. Call in prior to the Sheriff's Office or the Fire Department to report your "open burning"

2. Should the fire become out of control and the fire department is called to extinguish fire it will be at the landowner's expense

Be safe.

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